Cremation Services

Trusted and dignified

Cremation as a disposition can be, and should be, just as personal as a burial and funeral service. Let us guide you through our trusted and dignified cremation options that can be personalized to truly celebrate a life lived.


Cremation with Care

Some request direct cremation, eliminating “all the bother of funeral services” for family members. Funeral services and celebrations aren’t provided for the deceased; they’re there to help support and comfort the living. Direct disposal of cremated remains or scattering without a service or memorialization of any kind can cause emotional problems for survivors. With no celebration and permanent resting place, problems arise from inadequate grieving. Take time to consider family and friends. In suffering a loss, the traditional rites of passage and memorialization can be beneficial in helping individuals pass through the stages of grief. When the practice of cremation is accomplished with human dignity and recognition, it will help assuage grief, alleviate guilt, contribute to emotional stability, and create peace of mind.

Our Twelve-Point Assurance Process guarantees your loved one never leaves our care and that the cremated remains of your loved one will be returned safely to you.

  1. Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care
    Many other funeral homes hire third party companies to transport, hold, handle and conduct the cremation. These providers rarely ever see or take possession of your loved one prior to the cremation. This makes it virtually impossible for the funeral home to manage and supervise the cremation. Once your loved one is in our care, they never leave our care.
  2. Ensuring Personal Identify
    An identification band with your loved ones name is placed on them at the time they are escorted by our staff into our care.
  3. Coordinated Tracking System
    At our facility, your loved one is assigned a personal identification number (PIN) that is stamped into a metal tag, and logged into our computer tracking system. This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process. Our tracking system includes all elements from the time your loved one reaches our facility to the moment we place them back into your care.
  4. Open Door Policy
    We have made our facilities as accommodating and accessible to families as possible. You are always welcome to inspect, attend or witness the cremation process.
  5. Family Identification
    Our staff will prepare your loved one in the clothes provided by the family or a gown we provide. It is important you or a representative be able to positively identify your loved one prior to cremation. If families choose not to participate we then would request the family provide current photo identification to our staff to complete this critical step.
  6. Certification of Paperwork
    All cremation paperwork is reviewed to ensure authorizations, permits, schedule of cremation has been properly documented.
  7. Cremation Control Log
    We maintain a control log containing the cremation information for your loved one, such as his/her name, dates and times, containers used and cremation technicians involved. This control log is maintained as a record to the 12-point process.
  8. Final Farewells
    A unique aspect to our cremation process is having the option to treat the cremation in the same manner as a graveside service when families are saying their farewells. If chosen, the family will have the option to be present at the time of cremation in order to have a brief moment before the cremation.
  9. Procedure During Cremation
    The PIN tag that is assigned to your loved one remains with them at all times, even during the cremation process. The identification card and paperwork are attached to the outside of the cremation unit during the cremation.
  10. Procedures Following Cremation
    Following the cremation the PIN tag is removed from the crematory. The number is verified, the cremated remains are placed, along with the PIN tag into the urn selected by the family. The identification card is placed inside the urn with the cremated remains along with a second card placed in our permanent records.
  11. Peace of Mind
    If you preplanned a basic cremation service with us and death were to occur outside our service area (but still inside the continental U.S), we will coordinate with another cremation provider to honor your plan at no additional cost…providing you added Peace of Mind.
  12. Gatherings and Celebrations of Life
    A time to reflect or pay tribute to a life lived is meaningful for many family members and friends. Our event professionals and certified celebrants will assist you in creating that personalized celebration, whether before or after the cremation.

Personalized Cremation

Personalizing a cremation with a celebration of life can be very therapeutic. A celebration gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories. We offer many ways to personalize a service. As with burial options, cremations can be personalized. From serving your loved one’s favorite ice cream to releasing balloons, displaying memories through photo boards or even playing a tribute video, cremations should have the same focus in mind, celebrating the unique life lived. Learn more about the Celebrations of Life.

Understanding Cremation Options

Some family members are disturbed at the thought of death itself, much less cremation, which many perceive as a cold and uninvolved process. They may resist your wishes when the time comes. It’s best to address your wishes with your family now. You can put their unease to rest, and have peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out.

Crematories are operated by dedicated people with great respect for the deceased. Restrictions on cremation are different from state to state, even from one cemetery to the next. Depending on the final resting place you choose, requirements may include an urn, urn vault, and other items. Making your choices now can help your family down the road. In most cases, cremation satisfies federal clean air requirements.

Cremation Memorialization

Every life is worth remembering always.  Since cemeteries are dedicated to the memorialization of each life lived, you may wish to consider the options they provide.  Made available to serve your needs, these options may include columbarium niches, urn gardens, outdoor nature settings designed for scattering or permanent placement along with a host of other unique and meaningful choices for you.  Most important, these offer the opportunity to record, forever, the names and dates of the deceased, ensuring that future generations will always remember a life was lived.  This also provides a special place for generations of the future to look back, to remember and to honor those that have gone before them.