Kays-Ponger & Uselton

A traditional choice for a permanent resting place

Today there are more options than ever on how to celebrate a life lived. Choosing burial as your final disposition allows you to have a final resting place with options to have a personal celebration. We believe that no two people are alike and no two services should be alike either. At Gulf Pines Memorial Park conveniently located in Englewood, we offer a variety of memorialization options including ground burial and cremation placement.


Personalized Burial

Through traditional or contemporary services, many are turning to unique, personalized ways of honoring a life lived and aiding the grieving process. A personalized celebration gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories. We offer many ways to personalize a service. From serving your loved one’s favorite ice cream to releasing balloons, displaying memories through photo boards or even playing a tribute video, burials with celebrations have one focus in mind, celebrating the unique life lived.


Funeral Service

Traditional services generally include the following:

  • Visitation with family and friends
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Burial of your loved one at the cemetery (may be private or public)
  • Reception

Location of the funeral ceremony and reception are of your choosing. We will go over available options during the arrangement process.

At all of our Kays-Ponger and Uselton Funeral Homes, we offer options intended to make the planning process easier for you. Whatever your service choice, we include the following:

  • 100% Service Guarantee—Assures you of the highest quality personal service available; if any aspect of our service does not meet your expectation, please contact us at once and corrective action will be taken to provide you and your family total satisfaction
  • Online Obituary and Guest Book—Provides access for family and friends to view the obituary and tributes and to offer condolences
  • Personalized Tribute Page—Allows your family to create a memory page highlighting special photos, memories, and stories

Graveside Service

Services held at the gravesite at a cemetery. Graveside services can follow a traditional funeral or can be held as the only service event. Graveside services are often held as private gathers of only close family and friends.


Kays-Ponger and Uselton Benefits

Contact us to get details or if you have questions on any of these benefits below:

  • Basic services of the funeral director and staff
  • Necessary permits and authorizations
  • Transferring your loved one into our care
  • Reverent and professional preparatory care of your loved one, such as embalming, dressing, cosmetology, and refrigeration
  • Grief Library and Support Materials—Online access to grief support articles and personal stories
  • Estate Management Guide—Helps you organize business and personal affairs when a loved one passes away
  • Memorial Portrait—Offers a uniquely personalized portrait available for framing
  • Live Event Broadcasting—Allows all family members and friends worldwide to be part of the event LIVE via the Internet
  • Life Tribute DVD—Takes you on a photographic journey of your loved one’s life that may be presented on screen during the service and enjoyed later at home
  • Personalized Printed Materials—Offers custom designed programs, guest book, bookmarks, and acknowledgment cards

The Value of a Viewing

Whether or not an open casket is part of the celebration is an individual family choice. The main reason that we have any “viewing” is because that allows people to have a physical presence to focus on when saying their goodbyes. Since most people are very visually inclined by nature, it seems to help them to see the person for the death to be “real” to them and allows them to better focus to begin to tidy up the loose ends that they have with this person. A funeral helps people begin to complete their relationship with the person who died, and sometimes seeing the body helps.