The most unique and peaceful cremation memorial gardens in Southwest Florida

We understand pets are like family and hold a special place in your heart. That is why we created Companion Meadow, located in Gulf Pines Memorial Park. Companion Meadow is one of the most unique and peaceful cremation memorial gardens in Southwest Florida. At Companion Meadow, you and your pet can rest in peace side by side. Pet owners can provide their pets with a final resting place for their pets’ cremated remains. They can also share a final resting place with their pet, by resting their cremated remains side by side. From columbarium niches to a variety of monuments, you will find several options for memorializing your beloved pet.


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Unparalleled Beauty and Quality in Sarasota and Charlotte Counties

With hundreds of oak, palm, and pine trees, Gulf Pines Memorial Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Southwest Florida. In memorializing loved ones, it has been the quality choice for residents of South Sarasota and North Charlotte counties for over 50 years. Our beauty, tranquility, and commitment to quality set the standard of care for the families we serve and as citizens of this community.

The following is an explanation of the different options families have for disposition in our cemetery, including a glossary of terms we hope you will find helpful.

The traditional grave is a beautiful resting place. Our acres of groomed, landscaped grounds provide a peaceful atmosphere. Choosing a gravesite is a very personal decision with many factors entering into the final determination. Unlike many cemeteries, we have an abundance of undeveloped land available for future expansion. This gives us the opportunity to offer you different sites within our grounds‹single, double, and triple gravesites are available.
Cremated Remains Sites
Cremated human remains are usually placed in an urn, which is then permanently placed indoors or outdoors. For cremated remains placed outdoors, Gulf Pines Memorial Park has an urn garden. The area has been tastefully landscaped so that it encloses the urn garden and offers a tranquil environment for reverent meditation.
Above-Ground Options
Gulf Pines Memorial Park Mausoleum provides our families with an alternative option to in-ground burial. This community mausoleum is located in a private corner of our beautifully landscaped grounds.