Marina Ballerina

Marina Ballerina, my beautiful girl, you were a miracle. I raised you from birth and you were by my side for 14 years. In my eyes you were perfect. We had a bond like no other that I've had before.
You were friends with all the other dogs and not possessive of me. You were stoic, protective, elegant, sweet, unassuming, humble and kind. Your inquisitive bright eyes were beautiful. You paid attention to everything I said and you understood so much.
Some of my many fond memories of you are meeting me at the front door and we'd go out in the front yard. You'd love to roll in the grass and walk through the Plumbago bushes. I'd pick the sticky blossoms off your fur before coming in the house.
While I got your food ready, I told you to sit and stay. You'd inch your way closer, sit, inch closer, sit. I think you thought I didn't notice. I thought it was amusing. The sit/stay always worked except at meal time.
You loved to have your picture taken. I started taking your picture when you were very young. Every time you heard the camera turn on, you were ready.
When you had your first and only litter of babies, you instinctively knew how to be a superb mother. You meticulously cared for them, even when they got older.
I know you are taking care of your son, Rugby now. He had so many of your wonderful qualities.
I'm grateful to the Lord and your beautiful mother, Tessa, for blessing me with you, for the kind of dog you were and for you being so important in my life.
I love you with all my heart, Marina. I miss you. You were my everything.

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Marina Ballerina

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